G Rio School has always recognized that social concern is an integral part of any organisation. So we provide financial assistance to some special category studnets such as orphans, Underpreviledged, Staff, 3rd/4th/5th Child, and Full Time Church worker.

GENERAL GUIDELINES: The school will maintain a needs-based financial aid program with a long-term goal to add merit-based scholarships. To remain eligible for financial aid, student must maintain satisfactory academic progress (SAP) and should score a minimum of 50% aggregate marks in the Annual Assessment in order to avail the plan in the following year.

Admission to G Rio School is a prerequisite for a candidate being considered for financial aid. Applying for financial aid is not a guarantee to receiving aid.

The Financial Aid Committee will consist of the Board of Directors, Managing Director, Principal and the Admission Coordinator. All grants are made on a yearly basis and are subject to annual review before renewal.

The application must be filled out annually and returned to G.Rio School Admission Coordinator on or before 30th of January every year. Only two students in any one family will be eligible for financial aid at any one time.

CRITERIA FOR GRANTING FINANCIAL AID :To achieve the objective, the school has categorized the following option to support Financial Aid and Scholarships.

1) ORPHANS: 1% of seat is reserved for students whose parents are deceased but show high aptitude for learning. They will be given 100% sponsorship. To avail this assistance, they should produce genuine proof of financial hardship from the Church Authority, Registered Church Council and the immediate guardian.

2) UNDERPRIVILEGED: Under exceptional cases and on recommendation from the Board of Directors, underprivileged (needful, poor, poverty-stricken) students are given 100% sponsorship. Conditions apply.

3) STAFF: • 50% concession in the annual admission fee & in the monthly fees (excluding bus fare & tiffin fee) offered to 2 (two) children from a family of G.R.S staff. • The 3rd child can apply the concession policy offered to the General category.

4) 3rd /4th CHILD (onwards) CONCESSION: The 3rd child onwards will get 20% concession in the annual admission fee. Monthly and other fees will fall under the General category.

5) FULL TIME CHURCH WORKER: 2% of GRS seats are reserved for full time chuch worker’s Children. This financial assitance is given to 2 (two) children from a family provided they fulfill the following conditions:

A) The parent must be Full Time church worker.

B) Must submit Salary Statement and employment certificate signed by either the Deacon Board or the Executive Body of the Church along with the application.

C) Should produce a photocopy of their identity cards along with the Financial Aid Form.

D) Income of the parents is considered.

E) Our policy is first come, first served.

F) If a child grades are below 50% in the exam, financial aid will be discontinued.

G) Students whose behaviour does not meet the GRS standard will not be eligible for Financial Aids.

The salary of both the parents are calculated (i) Less than 2,40,000 50% (ii) Less than 3,60,000 40% (iii) Less than 4,80,000 30% (iv) Less than 6,00,000 20%


• The Financial Aid policy will be reviewed on an annual basis by the Finance Committee and the Executive Committee with specific reference to, but not confined to, the stratification and standard deduction.

• To be considered for an extension of financial aid availability please submit Financial Aid Eligibility Extension Request Form. Form can be obtained from Admin Office ‘OR’ visit www.grioschool.com


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